The Emerge Community Accelerates Your Growth.

The Emerge Community Accelerates Your Growth.

Industry expertise, live interactive webinars and on-demand learning, all designed to support your business needs and challenges.

From raising capital to distribution, food safety, packaging, eCommerce, legal expertise and everything in between, we provide you with direct access to industry expertise, live webinars, business solutions and services, special events, discounts and more, to help you confidently maneuver the complex and changing food and grocery retail industry.

Emerge helps your brand stay current with strategies, insights and trends so you can successfully meet consumer e-commerce and retail demands as quickly as they’re changing.

Education to guide your growth!



Brands in Emerge access learning modules on a plethora of critical topics emerging brands need, like: branding and package design, eCommerce, distribution, food safety, pricing strategy, product innovation, financing and raising capital.

On-Demand Learning Library

On-Demand Learning Library

Access expert-developed content from Emerge and FMI industry leaders. Updated monthly, fresh industry insights provide a variety of perspectives, including data analytics, category trends, live webinars and more.

Peer Connections

Peer Connections

Brands in the Emerge community learn alongside like-minded founders, share best practices, and build supportive networks.

Try Lesson 1

Try Lesson 1

We’ve made the FMI Fundamentals Course, Lesson 1, available to you as a sample of the content you’ll find in our membership community.

If you like Lesson 1,¬† you’ll really like all that is waiting for you inside.

We have information on sales channel options, access to financing, food safety, packaging, trends and more. Join Emerge for more.

If you are an industry expert with expertise to share, let’s chat about whether becoming a mentor could be a good fit for you!

Emerge Webinar Recordings Available

Emerge Webinar Recordings Available

Get-smart-quick and learn from Emerge industry leaders during monthly live webinars. Join the conversation along with other brands in the community, view live platform demos and gain knowledge and insights on important strategies and business solutions to accelerate your growth.

Valuable Business Solutions

Branding & Packaging Design

How to communicate your brand and product value through packaging design.


Strengthen your eCommerce presence to grow online and offline sales.


Learn the right strategies for growing your regional and national sales volume.

Emerge Insights

Data analytics, trends, research and industry thought-leadership from the Emerge community of industry leaders.

Emerge ShelfLife

In-depth podcast interviews with Emerge industry leaders.

Emerge Speaks

Get-Smart-Quick webinars sharing in-depth learning on data analytics, business solutions and foundational growth areas such as branding, pricing, packaging, raising capital, contract manufacturing, legal expertise, distribution strategy and more!

Food Safety

Up-to-date information on current federal requirements, retailer expectations, and how to establish solid food safety practices.

Product Innovation

Insights on improving differentiation and consumer loyalty.

Financing & Raising Capital

Expert insights and guidance for accurately selecting company funding and raising capital.

Consumer Trends

Relevant, timely industry and shopper behavior trends to help you learn your consumer base and their needs.

Access the expertise and business solutions you need!